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This is an unprecedented time, leaving many families with uncertainty, stress and fear. As the therapy provider that you have chosen for your child, we want to keep you informed and up to date as much as possible. At this time the following information is important to know:

  • The health and welfare of your child, your family, our staff and the community is of highest priority to us. We will be checking in to see how you are doing.
  • At this time, the clinic remains open to see children on a modified schedule. This decision is monitored and reconsidered daily. Any change will be posted here and on our Facebook page. The decision is based upon:
    • Occupational, physical and speech therapy has been identified as an essential community service, which allows us to remain open. We are committed to taking social responsibility while still meeting the needs of our clients.
    • For some of the children that we see, a break in therapy or services via telehealth will meet their needs during this time. For others, however, the therapy that they receive in person is very necessary to increase or maintain their health and/or nutritional status, or to allow them to function within their home setting.
  • In order to provide the highest level of service possible, the following applies:
    • Any child that has a medical history that places them in a high risk category for this virus will be asked to remain at home.
    • Some children will be seen at the clinic in accordance to the infection control measures outlined below.
    • A telehealth option is available for OT, PT and ST. This option was previously in our planning for later this year. We have expedited the provision of this service to meet the current need. The program that we utilize will be HIPPA compliant, staff will be trained in order to offer effective and quality therapy sessions, and quality control measures will be in place to insure that the telehealth service meets our standard of care and is beneficial to the child.
  • Infection control measures will be in place to minimize risk of exposure to both your child and our staff.
  • As always, and with extreme diligence, toys, mats, door handles, chairs and light switches are disinfected prior to your child’s appointment.
  • Children and staff will wash hands for 20 seconds before and after sessions. Hand sanitizer will be utilized as needed within sessions.
  • Appointments will be staggered so that each child seen will be in a private treatment room or gym without other children. They will be interacting with their therapist only. As much as possible, social distancing will be maintained.
  • Our lobby is closed. Parents of infants are permitted to bring their child to the therapy room and remain in the treatment room for the duration of the session. For all other patients, parents are asked to pull up to the front door for drop off. The therapist will meet you at the car and take your child in. Following the treatment session, the therapist will bring your child out to your car.
  • For in clinic appointments: anyone, patient or staff, that has a fever, cough, or cold like symptoms, is asked to cancel. If you have traveled out of the country for spring break, we ask that you cancel. If there is a concern that someone you have been in contact with is an exposure risk, we also ask that you cancel.

We are Therapedia LLC, a Pediatric Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy Center based in Keller, Texas. We have been serving the community for 16 years and are committed to helping your children receive the specialized help that they need.

Therapedia LLC is owned by Debra Kitchens, who is a licensed Physical Therapist and one of the original founders. She leads a dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to help all children succeed.

Therapedia provides Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy for children and adolescents in a fun and engaging clinic setting. To learn more about the services that we provide, please click here.

If you have a question about how we might be able to help, we can be reached in one of the following ways:

Phone: 817.562.3111

Fax: 817.562.3114