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Tracy Pahl

Tracy Pahl is a PRN Speech-Language Pathologist who sees children after school at Therapedia, LLC. Her many years of experience in both schools and private practice have provided much hands-on learning that she now applies to her daily practice. Spending time with children one-on-one and building a trusting relationship is one of the many things she adores about her position at Therapedia. She also enjoys the connections she makes with families and seeing the joy when a child makes progress.

Prior to working as an SLP, Tracy worked at many food joints. From a pizza/sandwich shop called Mr. Bill’s, to breakfast shops and university cafeterias she had experiences that helped her relate to people from a variety of backgrounds. She also cultivated an appreciation of people who work in labor-intensive jobs. Tracy was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She went to college at Iowa State University and graduated in 3 years with her BA. From there she received her master’s degree from Truman University in Missouri. She grew up in a large family and wanted to have many children as well. Tracy was married to Matt in 1989 in St. Louis, MO where she worked for the Special School District of St. Louis County. Her first son, Tyler was born there. When her second child, a girl named Allison was born they moved to Highlands Ranch, CO. They loved Colorado!! Then on to Kansas City, Kansas where her third child, Austin, was born. Shortly after his birth, they moved back to CO where she had her fourth child, Cassandra. Two years later they moved to Keller, TX. Sadly, her husband died from a lung condition called sarcoidosis. Tracy raised four children on her own while working for Keller ISD and later joined the team at Therapedia. Today, Tyler and Allison are married while Austin and Cassandra are in college.

In her spare time, Tracy enjoys walking, jogging, yard work, and spending time with her children. Her personal quote is from Mother Teresa, “Be kind, Be kind, Be kind”. Her favorite books and movies are happy ones such as Little House on the Prairie, Momma Mia and The Sound of Music. Her favorite cartoon character is Donald Duck. When asked to provide 3 words that describe herself she replied, joyful, caring and mother. We certainly see her joy and caring when she works with the children that come to Therapedia.